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Hi.  My name is Jesse Portukalian.  I was born in 1983 and raised in the hills of scenic Amboy, WA.  I was also raised with stomach aches and major digestion issues.  My parents were not into healthy practices while I was young. Until they became fed up with their own physical issues.  I soon found myself following in their footsteps with pill-popping handfuls of vitamins by the age of 12.  And I felt great; I was taking calcium, magnesium, other minerals and a multi-vitamin.  But the thing that really impressed me with my new found supplementation fad was digestive enzymes.  Wow!  I never knew I could eat ice cream, PB&J, and 20 ounces of soda, all in one sitting, and not have a stomach ache!  I was so stoked about feeling good.  Little did I know, there were deeper, underlying issues than just not consuming enough enzymes.  My parents found out about food allergies, and the affects they have on the body.  My mother took me in to see some specialist for food allergy testing.  I was allergic to all KINDS of stuff!!  I was very aware of the fact that my body didn’t like certain things, and I even remember, to this day, the exact foods I could and could not eat.  But only just a few.  And the whole list was lost from my mind.  And I didn’t change my eating.  And I didn’t feel good if I didn’t take enzymes.  Eventually in my later teens I departed from home and went to college, without the luxury of my parents’ vitamin stash.  I gained weight.  I got stomach aches.  I tried to eat a salad here or there, and that helped a little.  But I was on no path to physical health.  After the “freshman 15” and eventually beginning to consume alcoholic beverages, I was quite swollen.  By the age of 27 I was 6 ft 2 inches and 220 pounds.  I was formerly only 180 pounds, in high school, and still 6 ft 2 in. I had gained 40 pounds.  Dairy products, candy bars, peanut butter and gluten were not avoided.  But this was not truly the source of my weight gain.  Emotional baggage of my parents’ divorce weighed heavy on me and I didn’t know how to deal with the pain.  I ate to medicate―something many people struggle with.  I had never planned on such an event, and had no idea how to handle it.  I was hurt.  And hidden anger and depression set in.  I became discontent and I longed for Truth―something only God could have given me.  In searching I eventually found something that resonated freedom in my heart, a Joy that could not be explained.  But my change had caused me to become a person my wife was unfamiliar and uncomfortable with.  That led to a separation and an eventual divorce.  My internal joy got crushed by the losing of my bride and high school sweetheart.  I again went down a path of deep hurts and depression, trying to process what had happened.  How could this happen to my parents? And then me?  I felt like a failure.  I felt like I wasn’t worthy to be Loved.  And along the path of healing I miraculously met two wonderful ladies (sisters) that saw my heart and embraced me like a brother.  One, being an avid essential oil user, and the other, the strength of a fearless mother.  Together they embraced me and saw my broken heart, hidden and demure, and bonded with me like sisters I never thought I could have.  I found essential oils and the use of them and how they help relieve emotional trauma.  And that they did!  I began to see wonderful results―deep and wounded scars that these oils helped bring me out of the pit of despair, and into the Light of the Truth: that I was loved, I was worthy, and I was capable to love and do the things my heart yearned for.  In 2015 I found these essential oils and soon my emotional and physical trauma had undergone a doctorship of God’s healing remedies that have guided me into stomach health that I so desperately needed.  My gut had been tormented by the pains of the divorces in my life, and that tearing away of unity had left ripping to shreds my insides.  I had no idea emotional pain and trauma was connected to the body!  For the last 2 years I have spent rigorous time investing in my emotional, physical, and spiritual health―all of which coincide together.  And one thing that has proven to me is that D. Gary Young is a professional at emotional healing, which leads to spiritual and physical health.  I am a true and honest testimony.  I would have given up on Young Living essential oils and products long ago if I have not seen such amazing, consistent results.  I encourage you, if you have not given the purest essential oils in the world a chance, try them.  The Love that goes into creating these oils and blends is like nothing I have ever seen or experienced in my life.  Young Living has been with me, helping me and assisting me along the way to success from the pain and trauma I have endured.  I can now maintain a healthy body weight, emotional stability, and have a clearer understanding of my purpose and direction in life.

I hope this testimony brings a message of hope for a healthier future for you and your family.  Contact me in the form below and I would love to connect with you.

– Jesse Portukalian

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