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Hi, I'm Jesse!

Hi, I'm Jesse!

I’m really glad you’re here!  You will find healthy recipes, information on Young Living, and a hope for a healthier future!

My Recipes

Looking to change your diet to reach your highest potential? Food is chemicals. And the first thing to block mental clarity and acuity is foods that are toxic to your brain. You don't know you're clouded until you blow the clouds away!

Young Living Essential Oils

Do you want your life to completely change? Young Living essential oils can do just that! Backed by tens of thousands of people who've been transformed by these little miracles in a bottle, you can trust that Young Living is the name you want in your hands.

Seed to Seal®

Young Living™sets the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of our oils through our unique Seed to Seal® process.

Young Living™ Farms

The secret to purity and quality is found on the farms where we lovingly cultivate and harvest premium botanicals. It’s our unwavering dedication to authenticity that gives you an essential oil experience unlike any other.

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No Stomach Left Behind Blog Post
November 16, 2017
Butternut Cream Soup

November is a special month to really dive into the spices of the season.  What better way than to delve into the […]

No Stomach Left Behind Blog Post
September 30, 2017
Homemade Flat-bread

Yummy!! Bread I can eat! Bread YOU can eat!! 😃 Made with soy-free eggs, gluten-free, and baked to perfection, I finally have […]

No Stomach Left Behind Blog Post
August 24, 2017
Raw Plum Crisp

A raw plum treat made with essential oils and Love ☺️

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